Cinterion PVS8

Cinterion PVS8

The new Cinterion PVS8 offers a smart solution for wireless connectivity today and in the future. PVS8 supports CDMA2000 technology standard, it comes in the exact same form factor as Cinterions PHS8 (HSPA+ only) and the PXS8 (Muliti Mode CDMA / HSPA+) module as well allowing room for growth to 4G cellular technology, to support highest flexibility and a future proof design for our customers.

With the latest technology, PVS8 is optimized for high bandwidth and allows EV-DO data rates up to 3.1 Mbps. By enabling a full range of M2M functions and features, the PVS8 offers an ideal communication solution for the challenging requirements of a variety of M2M applications, such as ruggedized mobile computing, security solutions or medical equipment.

Cinterion’s unique type of LGA technology enables optimized heat dissipation that prevents warpage. It gives our customers the freedom to select the most beneficial soldering paste for each individual application.
Like all Cinterion products, the PVS8 comes with full type approval (FTA) and is certified by the largest CDMA carriers.

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